Solutions - Pipeline Corridors

Pipeline Corridor Planning and Maintenance

When planning the route for gas and oil pipelines, the shape of the ground, nearby buildings and other structures, the population, and the effect on the environment are just a few things that have to be considered. LiDAR offers a fast way of gathering information for getting a complete image of the corridor for a planned pipeline but also for monitoring and maintaining an existing pipeline corridor.

Airborne laser scanning is a cost-effective way to produce a geo-referenced 3D point cloud of the pipeline area. With TerraScan, the point cloud can be filtered into points on the ground, vegetation and building points, and TerraModeler creates a digital 3D terrain model (DTM) of them. The DTM can be used for estimating how the shape of the ground affects the construction of the pipeline. In combination with images taken at the same survey campaign, laser data can be used as the basis for digitizing topographical features and creating 3D vector data for mapping tasks. TerraPhoto enables the creation of high-quality ortho photos while TerraScan provides several tools that support the digitization tasks.


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