Solutions - Highway and Road Survey

Highway and Road Survey

A mobile LiDAR scanner mounted on a car or an airborne scanner operated in a helicopter can provide a dense point cloud depicting highways, their surroundings and the road surface very accurately. Using photographs taken at the same time and control points measured with GPS improves the accuracy and helps to compensate the gaps in the GPS signal caused by tall buildings and trees. Laser scanning can be executed without putting people at risk in the middle of busy traffic.

TerraMatch is used to correct the drift of the trajectory at locations, where the accuracy of the trajectory solution is weak due to failures in the GPS signal. A good number of control points is needed in order to achieve an accurate result. Read more about an accuracy test with a mobile laser scanning data set along a road:
Arttu Soininen (2012): Mobile Data Accuracy - How much control do we need?

The 3D point cloud of the road surface and the road environment supports monitoring tasks related to the condition of the road. This may include, for example:

  • road surface damage, such as ruts, cracks, potholes, etc.
  • computation of road cross section parameters
  • surface superelevation
  • water flow on the road surface
  • shape and condition of paint markings
  • detection of longer depressions
  • derive road alignment geometry for road design tasks
  • line-of-sight analysis related to regulations for stopping and overpassing distances
  • clearance areas under bridges, overhead wires, and in tunnels
  • danger object detection along the road
  • detection of road furniture objects, such as traffic signs, poles, bus stops, crash barriers, noise protection walls, etc.
  • room for snow

Read more about a pilot project carried out in Finland in 2012:
Friederike Schwarzbach (2014): Road Maintenance with an MMS - Accurate and Detailed 3D Models Using Mobile Laser Scanning , GIM International, Vol. 28(7), July 2014

View results of road condition analysis in a short animation:
Terrasolid (2014): Tools to analyse and design road surface improvement



road surface damage

road rgb

line-of-sight analysis

road rgb

water flow analysis

road intensity

side slope of the road,
road vs. design surface

road intensity


road intensity

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