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Forest Inventory

An airborne LiDAR point cloud of the forest can be used to estimate the characheristics of the forest, such as the average height of trees, the density of the canopy, amount of biomass, the stand volume, and the coverage of the vegetation. With scanning systems featuring a smaller laser beam footprint, full waveform capabilities, and possibly additional sensors for producing supportive data (for example true-color or infrared images), even more information can be determined for individual trees such as their height, crown diameter, and species.

The derived data can be used for monitoring the forest growth, damage caused by storms or fires, harvesting of trees, and for estimating the financial value of the trees when harvested. Specific information supports the management of the forest in a way that improves the wood quality, reduces waste, increases profits, and maintains the quality of the environment. The information about canopy density and biomass of a forest further assist the estimation of forest fire spreading and thus, support the work of fire fighters and evacuation tasks.

An appropriate terrain model derived from ground points in the point cloud is the basis for most of the applications mentioned above. TerraScan can make use of full waveform information in order to filter out the ground level, for example by extracting additional points in areas where the initial point cloud does not provide ground points, or by utilizing characterisitics of a return for improving the automatic ground classification result.


tree heights


vegetation levels


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