Solutions - Change Detection

Change Detection and Damage Assessment

LiDAR suits for measuring many kinds of objects and works just as well in detecting natural or man-made changes. Point clouds scanned at different points of time are compared to each other to find significant differences between them.

Airborne laser scanning is the fastest and possibly the only surveying method that enables the collection of 3D data of areas that were hit by natural or other disasters and thus, to provide a basis for damage analysis shortly after the incident.

Change detection is needed, for example, for monitoring:

  • shifting and changes of soil due to human interaction, erosion, movements of dunes, or landslides
  • changes caused by volcanic pressure
  • changes of man-made structures in urban areas, such as added or removed buildings and other objects
  • damage assessment after storms, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters


change detection
in urban areas


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