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Contour Line Production

Contours are the traditional and familiar way of depicting elevation differences on a map. LiDAR produces a point cloud that represents the ground and objects on it. Points classified with TerraScan can be used as basis for contour line creation in TerraModeler. Terrasolid software distinguishes two types of contour lines. On the one hand, there are mathematical contour lines which follow the elevations of the laser points very accurately but are not very useful for mapping purposes. On the other hand, there are cartographic contour lines which are smooth and nice-looking but less accurate.

TerraModeler offers adjustable options for the equidistance, smoothing and other specifications for the drawing of contours as well as display settings for labels, ticks, peaks and pits. Displaying quickly derived contours is a handy tool for viewing and checking the terrain model. However, TerraModeler also offers the option to produce contour lines in a batch process for large areas based e.g. on a TerraScan project structure. The lines are produced in MicroStation design files which enable their use in either CAD environment or their export into a GIS for further integration into maps.


mathematical vs. cartographic contour lines


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