Purchase Terrasolid Products

You can purchase Terrasolid products directly from Terrasolid. Please contact Terrasolid in order to request a sales offer for the applications you need. Please check the valid list-prices from our price list. In general, it is more advantageous to combine several applications as bundles than to purchase the licenses separately.

Software Trial

You may try Terrasolid software free of charge for a limited period of time. Basically, you need to follow the instructions for requesting node-locked licenses in order to request evaluation licenses. The complete process from installing the software to requesting evaluation licenses is shown in the illustration below.

Helpful links:

Compatible Bentley software for Terrasolid applications
Download Terrasolid software
Register node-locked licenses

Payment and License Registration

By making a purchase order, you accept the terms of our Software License Agreement and the Maintenance Agreement. More information about software maintenance can be found below.

Once an agreement about the terms of purchase has been reached and your purchase order has been processed, Terrasolid will send an invoice to you. The prefered payment method is bank transaction to Terrasolid's account. The invoice shows all necessary details for international payments. Terrasolid accepts checks only if a trustworthy and well-known bank honors it.

In addition to paying the invoice, you need to register your licenses in order to get license files for your Terrasolid applications. The information for license registration can be found on the invoice including the invoice number as well as a lists of the licenses and their serial numbers. Please start the registration procedure from our registration page.

The license files will be sent to you after you have paid the invoice and registered your licenses.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is mandatory for new licenses. If you are a new customer and purchase licenses for the first time, the first maintenance period is from the purchase day until December 31st of the following calendar year. For valid customers who already own Terrasolid software licenses, any new licenses will be added to their valid Maintenance Agreement. The annual maintenance fee can be found in the price list. Software maintenance includes:

A maintenance agreement continues automatically for another 12 months period unless it is terminated according to the Maintenance Agreement terms.

Technical support

Users' support includes replies to questions that have been sent using our Support Ticket system. Terrasolid encourages you to use the form provided on the web page for support requests because it ensures that all required basic information is submitted. Terrasolid replies to your requests by email.

If you purchased the software from your local Terrasolid software distributor, please contact primarily him by phone or email in cases of support requests.

New software versions and license updates

The major version number for all Terrasolid applications change every year around the end of February. Each new major software version requires new license files which are provided to customers with a valid Maintenance Agreement. Please find more information here about updating your licenses.

Licenses for Academic Institutions

A special agreement can be made if Terrasolid accepts you as an academic user. Please check the terms of the Academic License Agreement. In case the terms apply to you, fill the form, print and sign. Send the signed form as scanned PDF by email to Terrasolid. The contact information can be found on the form.

Licenses for Rent

There is also the option to rent licenses for a limited time period. The licenses include the right to use fully functional versions of Terrasolid software, software updates during the leasing period, and normal users' support. The minimum time period for license leasing is two months. Please find more information in our Terms to rent Terrasolid licenses.

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