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TerraStreet is a planning and designing software for roads and streets. It needs to be accompanied by TerraModeler in order to model the surrounding terrain. Roads are designed by using horizontal and vertical line components, such as straight lines, circular arcs, clothoids or combinations thereof. The geometrical components are automatically included as 3D breaklines in a road surface model. The software enables the display of the road model in 3D views and 2D maps, as well as the creation of cross sections, tables and lists.

TerraStreet supports the import of survey data from Trimble, Sokkia and Leica instruments, as well as the definition of various ascii formats for reading-in survey data. The software is integrated with other Terrasolid products and several MicroStation versions. So, you may use input data from TerraSurvey or TerraScan, utilize TerraModeler for mass calculations and visualizations, or include water drainage data from TerraPipe.

TerraStreet Lite

The lighter version of TerraStreet is optimized for field use and for small-scale road design. It replaced the former TerraStreet Field in 2012.


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