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TerraStereo - Sophisticated Visualization of Very Large Point Clouds

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TerraStereo is a stand-along application for visualizing very large point clouds. It uses high-performance graphics boards for rendering huge amounts of points fastly and in high quality. The software enables you to:

  • visualize up to 50 billion points that are organized in a TerraScan project
  • perform visual analysis and quality check in both, small and large scale displays
  • navigate through the point cloud freely or based on TerraScan trajectory files
  • create animations
  • view laser data in stereo mode and create stereo screencaptures
  • easily change between different display channels and point rendering modes
    • elevation, intensity and class coloring
    • color by RGB values
    • shaded surface display
    • point density coloring
    • TerraZ rendering method for masking foreground objects
    • different quality levels for point rendering
  • combine different visualization channels in order to improve the perceptibility of objects in the point cloud
  • switch point classes on/off
  • apply elevation exaggeration to the point cloud for specific analysis tasks
  • measure distances within the point cloud
  • digitize line vector elements and export them to TerraSurvey

Hardware requirements and recommendations

There are some specific hardware requirements and recommendations in order to run TerraStereo in a proper way:

  • minimum of 4 real processor cores, more than 4 are recommended
  • > 16 GB of RAM
  • > 8 GB of GPU memory recommended
  • display device that supports quad-buffered stereo display (for stereo viewing)
    • stereo display or projector using DisplayPort or Dual-DVI connection (not HDMI)
    • (optionally) active or passive stereo glasses

Display hardware recommendations

GPU board used with TerraStereo must be NVIDIA® CUDA™ Compute Capability 5.2 or higher. In two GPU systems the primary (OpenGL) GPU can be older, if the other designated CUDA™ board meets the specs.

  • Low-cost solution (low performance, mono display only):
    one high-end GeForce® board + standard monitor
  • Basic solution (good performance):
    one high-end GeForce® board for CUDA™ and one basic-level Quadro® board for stereo display + NVIDIA® 3dVision compatible stereo system
  • Recommended solution (best stereo quality and performance):
    PluraView 4k StereoDisplay + TerraStereo workstation (
Workstation GPU Cores Memory
Quadro® P6000 3840 24 GB
Quadro® P5000 2560 16 GB
Laptop GPU Cores Memory
Quadro® P5000 2048 16 GB
Quadro® P4000 1792 8 GB

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TerraZ rendering


Class + Intensity coloring


Shaded surface display


Small scale vs. large scale visualization, shaded surface display


Combinded point rendering modes: TerraZ, RGB coloring, shaded surface display


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