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2018-09-04 018.008 Major TerraStereo for Microstation update
Updated SpaceMouse support
Improved GPU/HW detection routines
More descriptive progress bar
2018-05-11 018.003 TerraStereo for Microstation beta included in the installation set
Some stability improvements and improved snapping in no camera mode
2017-09-30 017.010 Improved surface rendering
Surface channel calculation support for GPU mode
Bug fixes
2017-07-27 017.008 RGB colors are now automatically used after inital project opening if they are available
Fixed project creation bug
2017-06-21 017.007 Release for the PluraView Workstation
Improved visual quality and speed in GPU mode
Optimized for quadro P6000/P5000 boards
2017-02-22 017.002 Performance and stability improvements

Single and Dual view mode with view locking option

Cross section viewing option

AMD quad buffered stereo board compatibility (for 4k stereo)
2016-03-25 016.007 Option for Microstation CE viewing (beta)
Dual view configuration and view synchronization
GPU support re-enabled
2015-03-24 015.003 Minor bug fixes and user interface changes
2015-03-13 015.001 Real time hires rendering

RBG-I coloring

Rendering speed improvements
2014-11-28 014.016 A new point engine that works better with more diverse point clouds – also with low density clouds

Improved user interface – more CAD like controls for moving (wheel) and panning (drag)

Option for red/cyan anaglyph stereo mode

Support for PTC -classification definition files

Arithmetic calculations moved to CPU -mode – in this version they are not available from withing GPU mode although GPU mode still works with the actual rendering

Improved close up point rendering in CPU -mode including TerraZ
2014-03-05 014.002 Surface + intensity rendering option

Automatic movement option

Some bug fixes
2014-02-14 014.001 A finetuned version of software used in Terrasolid User Event at Levi with a fully working CPU mode rendering

Requires Windows Framework 4.5 (part of installation package)


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