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2020-07-24 020.005 Group based classification improvements
Sessions for storing the current project and rendering settings
Auto stereo mode updates (also on the CAD plugin)
New details parameter on contrast setting
Improved fixScreens -utility for CAD plugin
2020-04-22 020.003 Group based manual editing and classification tools
Improved auto stereo for more comfortable viewing
Navigation in elevation highlight mode improved
2019-12-19 019.009 Improved full resolution display for very dense point clouds

Group Selection based Classification option

CAD plugin:
Options for other View Synch and Snapping
2019-07-11 019.007 Accudraw and clippin support
Better point snapping
Improved flagging of mouse disappearing to right eye screen on Microstation
2019-03-28 019.003 User preferences with multiple customization settings
Improved point snapping
2019-02-07 018.099 -Cross sections for CE edition
-Digitizing plane locks for standalone version
2018-12-20 018.011 Perspective settings
Left/Right swapping option for stereo
Horizontal cross section mode for navigation
Initial 3d sub block support (beta)
Digitizing mode with floating cursor
Vector snapping for digitizing
Filled polygon shape for digitizing
2018-09-04 018.008 Major TerraStereo for Microstation update
Updated SpaceMouse support
Improved GPU/HW detection routines
More descriptive progress bar
2018-05-11 018.003 TerraStereo for Microstation beta included in the installation set
Some stability improvements and improved snapping in no camera mode
2017-09-30 017.010 Improved surface rendering
Surface channel calculation support for GPU mode
Bug fixes
2017-07-27 017.008 RGB colors are now automatically used after inital project opening if they are available
Fixed project creation bug
2017-06-21 017.007 Release for the PluraView Workstation
Improved visual quality and speed in GPU mode
Optimized for quadro P6000/P5000 boards
2017-02-22 017.002 Performance and stability improvements

Single and Dual view mode with view locking option

Cross section viewing option

AMD quad buffered stereo board compatibility (for 4k stereo)
2016-03-25 016.007 Option for Microstation CE viewing (beta)
Dual view configuration and view synchronization
GPU support re-enabled
2015-03-24 015.003 Minor bug fixes and user interface changes
2015-03-13 015.001 Real time hires rendering

RBG-I coloring

Rendering speed improvements
2014-11-28 014.016 A new point engine that works better with more diverse point clouds – also with low density clouds

Improved user interface – more CAD like controls for moving (wheel) and panning (drag)

Option for red/cyan anaglyph stereo mode

Support for PTC -classification definition files

Arithmetic calculations moved to CPU -mode – in this version they are not available from withing GPU mode although GPU mode still works with the actual rendering

Improved close up point rendering in CPU -mode including TerraZ
2014-03-05 014.002 Surface + intensity rendering option

Automatic movement option

Some bug fixes
2014-02-14 014.001 A finetuned version of software used in Terrasolid User Event at Levi with a fully working CPU mode rendering

Requires Windows Framework 4.5 (part of installation package)


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