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2019-07-04 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2019-02-15 019.001 New version for 019 licenses.
2018-01-29 018.001 New license keys.

Fix in converting from Lambert projection system to another projection system in the southern hemisphere.
2017-04-18 017.002 Bug fix in Classify / By centerline.

Support for Any source class in macros created with 64 bit software version.

Support for reading 64 bit TerraScan projects with group range.
2017-02-06 017.001 New license key.
2016-10-24 016.002 Support for loading neighbouring points from LAZ files.
2016-02-17 016.001 New major version for license keys.
2015-09-18 015.021 Builtin LAZ support. No need to separately install or have laszip.dll.
2015-08-30 015.018 Support LAZ format as project storage format.
2015-05-05 015.008 Fixes issues with relative paths in macros.
2015-02-01 015.001 New license key.
2014-06-03 014.013 Bug fix for running macros with Process flightlines separately or Process scanners separately on project using Fast Binary storage.
2014-04-11 014.008 Fix for carrying LAS variable length header records during macro execution on project.
2014-02-14 014.001 Support for Compute section parameters macro action.


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