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TerraSlave 64-bit Release Notes

Please note that distributed processing is not yet supported in the 64-bit version of TerraSlave. You can only use it on the same PC with TerraScan. This note will disappear as soon as support is implemented.




2019-09-23 019.019 More precise use of Offset setting in classifying wire danger points.
2019-09-16 019.018 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2019-09-16 019.017 Update 019.017.
2019-09-16 019.013 Update 019.013.
2019-09-16 019.012 Update 019.012.
2019-09-16 019.010 Update 019.010.
2019-04-10 019.008 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2019-04-07 019.007 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2019-03-27 019.006 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2019-03-22 019.005 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2019-02-04 019.004 Faster feature point calculation for large images.
2019-02-16 019.003 Update synchronized with TerraScan.
2019-02-15 019.002 Bug fix for handling of scan direction flag with LAZ file format in projects.
2019-02-04 019.001 First 019 release.
2019-01-14 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2018-12-10 018.025 Fixes in handling of more than three channels of color information.
2018-11-22 018.023 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-11-20 018.022 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-10-24 018.021 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-09-11 018.020 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-09-05 018.019 Compute distance macro action supports computing distance from points to powerline wires.
2018-06-21 018.017 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-05-14 018.013 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-04-16 018.011 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-04-04 018.010 Speed improvement in assigning groups.
2018-03-28 018.009 Speed improvement in Compute normal vectors.

Speed improvement in Classify / Surface points.

Speed improvement in smoothing xyz.
2018-03-20 018.008 Sorting by Line and time, Line, scanner and time and Xy location added to pulldown menu and to macro action.

Classification of groups by vegetation index.

Classify / Wire danger points considers points before first tower string vertex and points past last tower string vertex as potential danger points if they are close enough to wires.
2018-03-14 018.007 Classify / Closeby points has options 2D above, 2D below, 3D above, 3D below

Speed improvement in Classify / Surface points, Smoothen points with Xyz option and Compute normal vectors operations.
2018-02-18 018.006 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-02-05 018.004 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2018-01-29 018.003 Dimension, Normal X, Normal Y and Normal Z field types added to user defined point file formats. You can now write out normal vector information calculated for points.

Fix in converting from Lambert projection system to another projection system in the southern hemisphere.
2017-12-23 017.038 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-12-22 017.037 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-12-20 017.036 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-12-01 017.035 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-11-28 017.034 Synchronized updated with TerraScan.
2017-11-23 017.033 Synchronized release with TerraScan.
2017-11-11 017.031 Bug fix in deleting points. Version 017.030 messed up color values in operations which deleted points.
2017-10-13 017.029 Fix in Find Poles action.
2017-09-13 017.024 Improvements in Find Poles tool.
2017-09-05 017.022 Ability to search tie lines as a macro step.
2017-07-04 017.021 Bug fix in ground classification. Bug could cause a crash.
2017-06-27 017.020 Bug fix in saving LAS files. Bug could cause crash with certain VLR records.
2017-05-22 017.017 Group / Clear by class macro action for clearing group values from points in selected classes.
2017-05-08 017.016 Fix in reading Echo length field from user defined file format.
2017-05-05 017.015 Support for reading in GSF file format.
2017-04-27 017.014 Fix in scan angle value storage in Fast Binary files.

Fix for macros with Find wires step.
2017-04-12 017.012 Bug fix in applying Projection change transformations involving a correction model.
2017-04-06 017.011 Bug fix in Classify / By centerline using vectors from a given level.

Bug fix in Vectorize Buildings.
2017-03-27 017.010 Bug fix in Cut overlap tool.
2017-03-25 017.009 Bug fix in Classify groups / By best match macro action.
2017-02-07 017.006 Bug fix in Classify / Closeby points. Bug could cause a crash when run as a macro step.
2017-02-27 017.005 Classify / Groups / By centerline classification routine.
2017-02-10 017.004 Update to match TerraScan version numbering.
2017-02-02 017.001 Support for Riegl Pulse width and Amplitude extra bytes.
2017-01-13 016.034 Improvements in Assign groups.
2016-11-09 016.029 Support for Compute distance macro action.

Support for Classify / By distance classification.
2016-10-27 016.027 Fix in running macros with Process lines separately or Process scanners
setting on. Bug could cause a crash or the execution to hang.
2016-10-20 016.026 Support for loading neighbours from LAZ files.
2016-10-07 016.024 Faster Assign groups.
2016-09-27 016.023 Improvements in Assign groups.

Median Z option in thinning.

Support for OSTN15.
2016-07-13 016.020 Bug fix in reading/writing echo numbers into LAZ files.
2016-05-10 016.011 Bug fix in saving LAS 1.0 - 1.2 files. Bug caused all scan direction flags to become negative.
2016-05-09 016.010 Fix in reading echo information from TerraScan binaries.
2016-03-14 016.006 Fix in reading and writing LAS and LAZ files.
2016-03-04 016.005 Fixes in using LAS 1.4 as project storage format.
2016-02-17 016.002 New major version for new license keys.
2015-11-10 015.027 Bug fixes.


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