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TerraSlave 64-bit Release Notes

Please note that distributed processing is not yet supported in the 64-bit version of TerraSlave. You can only use it on the same PC with TerraScan. This note will disappear as soon as support is implemented.




2017-12-23 017.038 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-12-22 017.037 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-12-20 017.036 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-12-01 017.035 Synchronized update with TerraScan.
2017-11-28 017.034 Synchronized updated with TerraScan.
2017-11-23 017.033 Synchronized release with TerraScan.
2017-11-11 017.031 Bug fix in deleting points. Version 017.030 messed up color values in operations which deleted points.
2017-10-13 017.029 Fix in Find Poles action.
2017-09-13 017.024 Improvements in Find Poles tool.
2017-09-05 017.022 Ability to search tie lines as a macro step.
2017-07-04 017.021 Bug fix in ground classification. Bug could cause a crash.
2017-06-27 017.020 Bug fix in saving LAS files. Bug could cause crash with certain VLR records.
2017-05-22 017.017 Group / Clear by class macro action for clearing group values from points in selected classes.
2017-05-08 017.016 Fix in reading Echo length field from user defined file format.
2017-05-05 017.015 Support for reading in GSF file format.
2017-04-27 017.014 Fix in scan angle value storage in Fast Binary files.

Fix for macros with Find wires step.
2017-04-12 017.012 Bug fix in applying Projection change transformations involving a correction model.
2017-04-06 017.011 Bug fix in Classify / By centerline using vectors from a given level.

Bug fix in Vectorize Buildings.
2017-03-27 017.010 Bug fix in Cut overlap tool.
2017-03-25 017.009 Bug fix in Classify groups / By best match macro action.
2017-02-07 017.006 Bug fix in Classify / Closeby points. Bug could cause a crash when run as a macro step.
2017-02-27 017.005 Classify / Groups / By centerline classification routine.
2017-02-10 017.004 Update to match TerraScan version numbering.
2017-02-02 017.001 Support for Riegl Pulse width and Amplitude extra bytes.
2017-01-13 016.034 Improvements in Assign groups.
2016-11-09 016.029 Support for Compute distance macro action.

Support for Classify / By distance classification.
2016-10-27 016.027 Fix in running macros with Process lines separately or Process scanners
setting on. Bug could cause a crash or the execution to hang.
2016-10-20 016.026 Support for loading neighbours from LAZ files.
2016-10-07 016.024 Faster Assign groups.
2016-09-27 016.023 Improvements in Assign groups.

Median Z option in thinning.

Support for OSTN15.
2016-07-13 016.020 Bug fix in reading/writing echo numbers into LAZ files.
2016-05-10 016.011 Bug fix in saving LAS 1.0 - 1.2 files. Bug caused all scan direction flags to become negative.
2016-05-09 016.010 Fix in reading echo information from TerraScan binaries.
2016-03-14 016.006 Fix in reading and writing LAS and LAZ files.
2016-03-04 016.005 Fixes in using LAS 1.4 as project storage format.
2016-02-17 016.002 New major version for new license keys.
2015-11-10 015.027 Bug fixes.


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