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2020-02-14 020.001 Update for 020 version licenses.
2019-07-04 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2019-02-15 019.001 New version for 019 licenses.
2018-01-29 018.001 New license keys.

Fix in converting from Lambert projection system to another projection system in the southern hemisphere.
2017-04-18 017.002 Bug fix in Classify / By centerline.

Support for Any source class in macros created with 64 bit software version.

Support for reading 64 bit TerraScan projects with group range.
2017-02-06 017.001 New license key.
2016-05-13 016.004 Fix in applying projection change transformation between two South African zones or between two Japanese zones.
2016-04-21 016.003 Fix for default value for size of undo buffer. Bad default value was wasting memory for unnecessarily large undo buffer.
2016-04-07 016.002 Bug fix in deducing line numbers. Bug could cause a crash.
2016-02-17 016.001 New major version for license keys.
2015-12-26 015.028 Improvements in Find Danger Objects tool:
- can run the search on project
- three new automatic view setups: Span profile, Top 1 and Top 2
- can draw marker to show danger point selected in the list
- Write HTLM report menu command for generation HTML reports using template document
- Longitude and Latitude fields Output report
2015-12-17 015.027 Fix in Classify Using Brush and starting undo while classification tool is still active.

Fix in Classify / Below surface routine. Bug could cause the routine to stall if the number of source points was very small.
2015-12-10 015.026 Fix in undoing ground classification inside fence.

Fix in Label Alignment Curvature with 0.1 accuracy labels.

Fix in Classify / Railroad class usage.

Fix in Classify / Closeby points and fence usage.

Fix in Classify / Inside shapes and filtering polygons by style.
2015-12-04 015.025 When you open block or read points in, TerraScan will check if the loaded data set uses classes which are not defined in Define Classes. It will add a temporary class definition for any missing point classes. This makes it easier to manage visibility and classification.

Bug fix for cases where class definition has no description. Bug caused a crash when running 'Find Match.
2015-10-26 015.024 Fix for bug which caused points to be generated for nodata cells when importing ArcInfo grid files.
2015-09-23 015.022 Improvements in Classify Using Brush.
2015-09-18 015.021 Builtin LAZ support. No need to separately install or have laszip.dll.
2015-09-07 015.019 Convert storage format menu command in Define Project. This converts all project block files to another supported format and modifies project definition accordingly.
2015-08-30 015.018 Support LAZ format as project storage format.
2015-08-26 015.017 Modification in recognition logic for Applanix accuracy files (smrmsg_xxx.out).
2015-08-21 015.016 Extract echoes macro action added. Makes it possible to extract additonal points inside selected polygons as a batch process on the project level.
2015-08-18 015.015 LAZ support modified to work with laszip.dll dated 31.07.2015.
2015-08-18 015.014 Support for reading in and writing out LAZ file format. This requires that you separately download laszip.dll and place it in c:\terra\ma folder (and c:\terra\tslave folder).
2015-06-17 015.013 Multi scanner intensity option in Assign color for assigning RGB colors to laser data from intensities of closest points in three laser channels.
2015-06-08 015.012 Scan Move Sun xxx keyin command where xxx is degrees to add to sun direction of shaded views.

Classify Using Brush tool allows selection of multiple source classes.
2015-05-22 015.011 Write to design file will store effectively 3*5 bit color values into elements. Older versions mapped color to design file color table of 256 colors.
2015-05-18 015.010 Break at gaps setting added to importing trajectories. If on, software will split incoming trajectory if there is a time gap longer than user given limit between consecutive positions.

Set accuracy menu command for setting accuracy estimates of trajectory positions.
2015-05-05 015.008 Fixes in extracting color from images.
2015-03-25 015.007 Classify / By centerline runs faster with long centerline vectors.

Bug fix in extracting color values from orthophotos.
2015-03-16 015.006 Fix in Smoothen stops menu command in Manage Trajectories. Old version produced in some cases a bad z correction for points collected during a stop.
2015-03-13 015.005 Design Block Boundaries runs faster with large number of points.

Conversion from GPS time to GPS seconds-of-week or GPS standard time. GPS time means GPS time stamps which right now are bigger than one 1 000 000 000. GPS standard time is the LAS standard where one billion has been subtracted from GPS time.
2015-03-03 015.004 Classify / By intensity modified so that one can classify one intensity value. Routine will now classify points which have MinInt <= Intensity <= MaxInt.

Group attribute added to user defined point file formats.

Trajectory output supports longitude/latitude in user defined file formats.
2015-02-25 015.003 Support for importing trajectory accuracy estimates from Riegl POQ files.
2015-02-09 015.002 Ability to select multiple source classes in Measure Density tool.

Fix enabling classification by scan direction also in macros.

Ability to run Compute normal vectors action on project also without trajectory information. This can give good results on airborne data but you should always have trajectories when computing normal vectors for mobile data.
2015-02-01 015.001 New license key.
2015-01-09 014.025 New Smoothen stops menu command in Manage Trajectories. This creates a correction for removing artifacts in elevations of laser data around stops. Tool assumes that true trajectory path runs smoothly in elevation around a stop.
2014-12-19 014.024 Multiple source classes and separate Current ground class in ground classification.

Automatic backup settings added to Settings tool and Undo and backup category. If Save loaded points is on, TerraScan will regularly save a backup file of loaded points when user keeps modifying points.
2014-11-29 014.023 Draw Sign Visibility tool for analyzing line of sight to a sign represented as a shape element in the design file.
2014-11-19 014.022 Find wires macro action for classifying overhead wires.
2014-11-10 014.021 Bug fix in Classify / Hard surface routine. Bug could cause small groups of planar points at the edge of the data set to be classified even when group was smaller than minimum area setting.
2014-11-03 014.020 Classify / Walls classification routine for classifying wall like surfaces in mobile scanner data. Routine requires that normal vectors have been computed.

Classify / Groups / Trees classification routine for classifying tree like point groups in mobile scanner data. Routine requires that normal vectors have been computed and groups have been assigned.

ERD file format added to Write Alignment Elevations tool. You can read this file format into ProVAL.
2014-10-22 014.018 Fix in writing an empty file when running a macro on selected files.
2014-10-15 014.017 User can define color mixtures with Settings tool and Color mixtures category.

Write Alignment Elevations tool for writing laser elevations along an alignment. User identifies an alignment element to write and an alignment to use for stationing. Values will be written at locations corresponding to regular steps along the center alignment.
2014-10-11 014.016 Travel View tool for setting up a perspective view with viewer at a specified height above ground and for traveling in that view.
2014-09-27 014.015 Enhanced depth perception display of points when Use depth setting is on.

Draw sky if Use depth on setting in Settings tool and Point display category. Draws sky blue background into perspective views.

Modify color macro action for adjusting color values of laser points.

Scan Create Surface keyin command for creating TerraModeler TIN model. Example:
Scan Create Surface 8 key10
would create a model from class 8 and give it name key10.
2014-06-03 014.013 Bug fix for running macros with Process flightlines separately or Process scanners separately on project using Fast Binary storage.
2014-05-16 014.012 Cut single scanner edges option in Cut overlap. This is meant for dual scanner airborne data where you may want to remove edges of scanlines seen by one scanner only.
2014-04-30 014.009 Road intensity option in exporting raster images. This generates an intensity rasyer using directional sampling based on road alignment vectors.
2014-04-11 014.008 Fix for carrying LAS variable length header records during macro execution on project.
2014-04-09 014.007 Bug fix in LAT/LON output to LAS format.
2014-04-08 014.006 Support for writing latitude and longitude values into LAS and Fast Binary files. Software recognizes when you have chosen a projection change transformation to LAT/LON and chooses seven dcimal resolution and zero origin for output file.
2014-04-07 014.005 Label Alignment Curvature tool for labeling horizontal or vertical curvature of an alignment.

Section centerline and Section breakline types added to Find Road Breaklines.

Scale dZ from TIN transformation for exaggerating the difference of laser points to a TIN model.

Option to smoothen intensity values added to Smoothen points.
2014-03-19 014.004 Design block boundaries can use all visible levels from a view as the line work. In earlier versions source line work had to reside on a single level.

Support for POF 1.1 trajectory format.

Support for Topcon trajectory format.
2014-03-03 014.003 Default coordinate setup category added to Settings. This category defines the coordinate setup to use if you open a design file which contains no coordinate setup information.
2014-02-15 014.002 Improvement in Find Road Breaklines for Crown of road type.
2014-02-14 014.001 Improvements in Find Road Breaklines tool for Road crown type.

Compute section parameters macro action for computing road section parameters.

Read / Section parameters menu command for reading section parameters and drawing into design file.

Transform Add TIN option for adding elevations from triangulated model to laser points. Thus can be used to apply geoid correction as a macro step.

Rotate view when panning in Place railroad string.

Inspect Elements tool for systematically viewing every selected element.
2014-01-12 013.022 Check Footprint Polygons icon tool for checking building footprint polygons and classified roof hits against each other.

Find Paint Lines macro action for finding paint markings as part of a macro.

Read / Paint lines menu command for reading paint lines into the design file as vector elements.

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