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TerraScan 64-bit Release Notes




2020-09-21 020.028 Mark Polygons by Centroid tool for marking polygons which are inside selected bounding polygon(s).

Improvements in building vectorization.
2020-09-09 020.027 Vectorize Buildings has a user setting for fixed point density setting.

Improvements in automatic building vectorization.

Validate Models command in Check Building Models can check water tightness of vector models.
2020-08-31 020.026 Inspect Groups has Section View setting. This creates a section view aligned with the shape of the group.

Assign Groups has a user setting for fixed gap distance between groups for Group by density.
2020-08-27 020.025 Support for distance coloring in Export raster images from project window.

Elevation coloring using smoothly changing RGB colors. Older version used colors from design file color table.

Export to Google Maps menu command in Define Project for publishing point clouds in Google Maps.

Convert storage format in Define project now supports writing converted data to another folder.
2020-08-18 020.024 Macro window is resizable.

Convert geoid model supports RAF18 as source file.

Convert geoid model supports Belgium HBG03 and HBG18 as source file.

Support for Intensity auto coloring mode for TerraPhoto rendering.
2020-08-12 020.023 Support for Netherlands RD NAP 2018 projection system and correction grids (which come with setup package).
2020-07-00 020.022 Distance coloring mode uses true colors now and lets you specify a distance range to be displayed using intensity coloring.

Road bumps and potholes option in Compute distance.
2020-02-23 020.021 Fixes in Add Synthetic Point tool.
2020-07-22 020.020 Fix time macro action has Class and Lines settings for specifying which class(es) and line(s) to apply the fix to.

Hard surface classification runs faster.

Ground classification runs faster.

Use Distance as rating setting in ground classification for using vegetation index (stored as distance) as probability factor for how likely a point is to be ground. This can improve ground classification result with photogrammetric point clouds.

Improvements in Add Synthetic Point tool.
2020-07-14 020.019 Check bit depth in Read points option added to Scan Settings and File formats / LAS format category. When Bit depth is set to Correct 16 bits and Check bit depth in Read points is on, TerraScan will check color bit depth found in LAS files. If all color values are between 0-255, it will automatically scale the color values to proper 16 bits.

Compute distance can compute distance values from builtin vegetation indexes Normalized difference and Visible band difference.

Smoothen points can smoothen distance values.

Fixes a memory leak issue in point display. Problem could cause a crash after a longer interactive work session.
2020-07-10 020.018 Cloud type settings in Read points dialog. You should set cloud type whenever reading data. This affects speed optimization in many routines.

Classify / Groups / Moving objects has new settings Limit and Require. Older software versions had these two settings hard coded as 50%.

Display mode has Time and Time+intensity options in Color by.
2020-06-29 020.017 Fix in class usage in Classify / 3D fence menu command.

Support for Riegl POQ format 1.0.
2020-06-16 020.016 Measure Coverage tool for finding out how much a feature type (=class such as tree) covers of selected polygons.
2020-06-15 020.015 Import trajectories will automatically read matching accuracy files for POF and SBET.OUT file formats.

Display mode has Density option in Color by.
2020-06-12 020.014 Speed improvement in Hard surface classification.
Resizable main window.
2020-06-01 020.013 Improved logic in Cut turnarounds in Manage Trajectories.

Improvements in Create along trajectories.
2020-05-28 020.012 Create from trajectories menu command in Define Project. This can create block boundaries for corridor projects automatically using only trajectory information.

Delete empty and Merge small options in importing points into a project.
2020-05-13 020.011 Bug fix inTransform points with Height from ground transformation type.
2020-05-05 020.010 Resizable Check Building Models window.

TerraSlave can run building vectorization.
2020-05-04 020.009 Trajectory / Set accuracy menu commands can now enforce given minimum accuracy estimates for trajectory positions. For example, you can enforce that all trajectory positions have a xy accuracy estimate of at least 0.011m.

Scan Settings has new category Trajectory accuracies. This lets you specify minimum accuracies to apply when importing trajectories.

Fix for missing toolbox icons in Spatix version.
2020-04-23 020.008 Labeling fixes in some dialogs.

TerraSlave runs tasks now also with TerraScan license which is not tied to a specific computer.
2020-04-14 020.007 Import points action modified to work together with new TerraSlave version.
2020-04-01 020.006 Completely new version of TerraSlave which makes it easy to run multiple instances of TerraSlave to speed up processing. Installation includes TerraDispatcher which you can use to manage how many instances of TerraSlave run on each computer.
2020-03-05 020.005 Define Classes window is resizable.

Manage Trajectories window is resizable.

Check Tunnel Sections window is resizable.

Bug fix in Define Project dialog which was sometimes missing pulldown menues.
2020-03-02 020.004 Define Project window is resizable.

View Position window in Manage Trajectories is resizable.

Fix Export raster images from Define Project dialog. User can now enter minimum and maximum intensity value.
2020-02-28 020.003 Compute distance has option to compute distance to Another class.

Fix in Define Project attributes dialog where Reflectance and Deviation can now be selected.

Support for signed short values for Riegl amplitude and deviation values in LAS files.
2020-02-25 020.002 Support for reading PTS file format without RGB values.

Fix in Block / Create by centerline menu command in Define Project. Tool now creates boundaries which follow the shape of selected alignment better.
2020-02-06 020.001 Assign Color to Points can assign group colors to points.

Scan direction coloring mode in point display.
2019-12-19 019.030 Fix in positioning dialogs for multiple monitor setups.

Almost full depth option added to Move Section tool. You should use this rather than Full view depth if you use mouse wheel to zoom in and to zoom out in the section view.

Fix in Xy multiply type transformation dialog. Earlier version truncated values entered into the dialog.

Open Scan Project keyin command restored.

Add Point To Ground keyin command restored.
2019-12-18 019.029 Fix in generating base polygon for building vector models.

User defined vegetation indexes. User can choose computation formula and what color channels to use.
2019-12-12 019.028 Fix for running TerraSlave tasks on multiple computers.
2019-11-25 019.027 Fix in applying Default coordinate setup user settings. Bug could cause TerraModeler TIN models to get messed up coordinate values and elevations.
2019-11-14 019.026 Bug fix in tower editing tools.

Bug fix in exporting raster images from a project.
2019-11-12 019.025 Bug fix in undo. Undo could lose scan direction and edge of scan line bits.
Support for variables in Create model macro.
2019-11-01 019.024 Fix in parsing keyin parameters for Classify Fence, Classify Above Line and Classify Below Line.

Handling of ENTER key in Windows dialogs: pressing ENTER applies OK button or moves to next field.

Fixes issue of dialogs being hidden behing MicroStation main window if TerraScan was started as a design application with MS_DGNAPPS environment variable.

Support for GPS seconds-of-day and UTC seconds-of-day as source time system when importing trajectories or converting trajectory time stamps.

Xy distance and Z difference fields added to Output Report in Find Danger Objects. Xy distance is horizontal distance between laser point and hit on wire. Z difference is elevation difference between laser point and wire hit.
2019-10-30 019.022 Fixes following issues:
- Dialog for opening multiple files was not showing filtering choices such as LAS files or FBI files.
- Default display mode settings in Settings tool and Point Display category were not used.
- Color was not selectable as an attribute to copy in Copy from Reference.
2019-10-29 019.021 Option in Find Danger Objects to report only the closest wire hit for each laser point.
2019-10-28 019.020 Add using files in Define Project now supports also Fast Binary file format.

Windows dialogs replacing MicroStation dialogs.
2019-09-23 019.019 More precise use of Offset setting in Find Danger Objects tool and in classifying wire danger points.

Bug fix in Classify / Routine / By height from ground menu command. Tool did not classify anything if user never changed the ground class setting in the dialog.
2019-09-16 019.018 Windows dialogs.
2019-09-16 019.017 Update 019.017.
2019-09-16 019.016 Update 019.016.
2019-09-16 019.014 Update 019.014.
2019-09-16 019.013 Update 019.013.
2019-09-16 019.012 Update 019.012.
2019-09-16 019.010 Update 019.010.
2019-04-10 019.008 Check Tunnel Sections tool for checking tunnel cross section vectors using a traversable list.
2019-04-07 019.007 Note text field added to Modify Tree Cells and into Output Trees. This allows user to enter a free text note for each tree.

Classify / By class supports multiple source classes.
2019-03-27 019.006 Sort and renumber setting in Split at laser gaps. This sorts trajectories by time and renumbers after splitting.

Increase by file setting for groupd id added to import trajectories.

Bug fix in Find Danger Objects. Bug could cause a crash.
2019-03-22 019.005 Bug fix in Fit using targets. Bug could cause software not to find any targets or to crash. Bug was more likely to occur in Windows 7.

New options in Thin points. You can select to keep First echo or Last echo. Keep whole pulse setting keeps all points from the same pulse if it decides to keep one.
2019-03-04 019.004 Fixes in unit labeling (m, ft or sf) in dialogs.
2019-02-16 019.003 Fix in callable function FnScanRead() for reading points inside fence only.
2019-02-15 019.002 Bug fix for handling of scan direction flag with LAZ file format in projects.

Bug fix for running macro on files with color information and saving as LAS 1.4. Software unnecessarily stored fourth color channel also when the source data was three channels only.

Improvements in Development Assign Echo keyin.
2019-02-04 019.001 First 019 release.
2019-01-14 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2018-12-10 018.025 Fixes in handling of more than three channels of color information.

Fit using targets can georeference Matterport data using surveyed signal markers.
2018-12-03 018.024 Fix in Write section points macro action.
2018-11-22 018.023 Bug fix in Vectorize Building. Bug could cause some close to horizontal planes to be merged with a neighbouring plane even when the resulting mismatch was outside tolerance.
2018-11-20 018.022 Line pulldown menu has Translate and Rotate tools.

Line / Cut long range menu command and macro execution for cutting long range measurements if there are shorter measurements from same line closeby.

Fit using targets menu command for fitting a point cloud to control measurements or to a reference point cloud. Tool can find ball targets automatically, link those to right target system coordinates automatically and apply a two step transformation.
2018-10-24 018.021 Addon source codes come with Visual Studio solution file.
2018-09-11 018.020 Draw line boundaries menu command in Define Project for drawing polygons for area covered by each pass.
2018-09-05 018.019 Compute distance macro action supports computing distance from points to powerline wires.
2018-07-04 018.018 Parameter attribute added to user defined point file formats.

Copy from reference supports copying Echo length and Parameter attributes.
2018-06-21 018.017 Fix in Create Point Group tool. Bug could cause a crash when Create using setting was set to Current group.
2018-06-20 018.016 Fix in Find Danger Objects when Report setting is set to By minimum interval. Bug could cause report to contain points unnecessarily close to each other and also to leave out a more critical point.
2018-05-14 018.013 Fix in Find Danger Objects. Bug caused non-danger points to be found in the first tower span.
2018-05-09 018.012 Fix in running Classify / By vegetation index on loaded points with three channels of color information.

Fix in Find Danger Objects. Bug could cause some tower intervals to be ignored in the search.
2018-04-16 018.011 Display fixes.
2018-04-04 018.010 Faster display speed.

Speed improvement in assigning groups.
2018-03-28 018.009 Fix in Split at laser gaps when running using loaded points.

Speed improvement in Compute normal vectors.

Speed improvement in Classify / Surface points.

Speed improvement in smoothing xyz.
2018-03-20 018.008 Sorting by Line and time, Line, scanner and time and Xy location added to pulldown menu and to macro action.

Classification of groups by vegetation index.

Classify / Wire danger points considers points before first tower string vertex and points past last tower string vertex as potential danger points if they are close enough to wires.
2018-03-14 018.007 Classify / Closeby points has options 2D above, 2D below, 3D above, 3D below

Tolerance setting for intersection lines in Check Building Models and Draw Roof Lines.

Evaluate expression macro action has been removed. This operation relied on a MicroStation capability which is not supported by 64 bit MicroStation.

Display dynamics setting in display mode dialog for Shaded coloring mode. This setting controls whether shaded surface will display during dynamic view movement/rotation such as panning.

Speed improvement in Classify / Surface points, Smoothen points with Xyz option and Compute normal vectors operations.

Match Roof Elevation tool for modifying a roof plane equation so that selected vertices match elevations of neighbouring patches.
2018-02-18 018.006 Convert geoid model menu command support Norwegian geoid model file format (href2016b_nn2000_euref89.txt).

scan display close keyin command for closing display mode dialog.

view tower previous keyin command for moving to previous tower in View Tower Spans list.

view tower next keyin command for moving to next tower in View Tower Spans list.
2018-02-05 018.004 Improvements in Fit to reference menu command.
2018-01-29 018.003 Dimension, Normal X, Normal Y and Normal Z field types added to user defined point file formats. You can now write out normal vector information calculated for points.

Support for reading PTS file format.

Faster reading of many text file formats.

Fix in converting from Lambert projection system to another projection system in the southern hemisphere.
2018-01-11 017.039 Bug fix in saving points with color information inside fence only to a Fast Binary file.

Draw Plane Section tool for creating a cross section view for a planar surface in the point cloud.
2017-12-23 017.038 Fix in powerline tower modification tools.
2017-12-22 017.037 Fix in powerline tower tools.
2017-12-20 017.036 Extrude Building tool has options for how to treat overlap between existing planar patches and new planar patches being added.

Assign Plane Symmetry tool for forcing planar patches to have the same plane equation, to have the same base direction or to have the same slope angle.
2017-12-01 017.035 Fix footprint button in Check Building Models for fixing small
mismatches between footprint polygon and roof model.
2017-11-28 017.034 Match setting in Synchronize Views works now with perspective views.

Coloring by Image assignment fixed to work also when Use depth is off and points are displayed as points.
2017-11-23 017.033 Improvement in Check Building Models.
2017-11-11 017.031 Bug fix in deleting points. Version 017.030 messed up color values in operations which deleted points.

Vegetation index coloring in display mode. This requires four channel color information and colors points using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index.

By vegetation index classification routine for classifying points based on Normalized Difference Vegetation Index.
2017-11-08 017.030 Ability to extract upto 10 channels of color information from images and sotre into fast binary files. Ability to store 4 channel color information into LAS 1.4.

Validate models menu command in Check Building Models for finding flaws in vector models.

Enforce footprint as edges option in Check Building Models. This will clip roof polygons in vector model using footprint polygon.
2017-10-13 017.029 Fix in Find Poles tool.
2017-10-13 017.028 Check Building Models can display automatic cross section views of active building.
Draw Roof Lines tool for drawing relevant roof lines of selected building models.
Set All Edges has option set edges of a single patch.
Modify Edge has new options Along closest line and To base 90 deg angle.
Insert Edge Vertex has new option Base 90 deg angle.
2017-10-05 017.027 Point radius method added to Check Footprint Polygons tool. This gives another method in checking whether polygons are properly covered with point data.
2017-09-21 017.026 Improvements in Classify / Below surface.
2017-09-20 017.025 Classify / Below surface supports multiple source classes.

Classify / Below surface has a new option to compare points against a locally fitted curved surface.

Convert time stamps macro action can convert from UNIX time.
2017-09-13 017.024 Improvements in Find Poles tool.

Label Clearance tool for labeling clearances of bridges or other features. Use Compute distance first to compute height above ground value for each point. Draw 2D polygons for areas to inspect. Label Clearance will find the smallest distance value of points inside each polygon, classify that point and place a label in the design file.

Bug fix in Compute distance when comparing against design file elements.
2017-09-05 017.022 Ability to search tie lines as a macro step.
2017-07-04 017.021 Ability to set number of decimals in label with Measure Point Density tool and selected polygons.

Bug fix in ground classification. Bug could cause a crash.
2017-06-27 017.020 Bug fix in saving LAS files. Bug could cause crash with certain VLR records.
2017-06-26 017.019 Compatibility with MicroStation Connect Edition update 5.
Improvements in Find Pole Objects tool.
Fix in class output in Find Danger Objects and Output report menu command.
2017-06-05 017.018 Find Pole Objects tool for finding, classifying and vectorizing poles matching example point clouds in object library.
2017-05-22 017.017 Group / Clear by class menu command and macro action for clearing group values from points in selected classes.
2017-05-08 017.016 Fix in reading Echo length field from user defined file format.
2017-05-05 017.015 Support for reading in GSF file format.
2017-04-27 017.014 Fix in Update Distance Coloring tool.

Fix in scan angle value storage in Fast Binary files.

Fix for macros with Find wires step.
2017-04-20 017.013 Slope coloring in Export raster images. This creates slope coloring based on normal vectors.
2017-04-12 017.012 Bug fix in applying Projection change transformations involving a correction model.

Bug fix in Classify groups / By Distance macro action. The action did not classify groups correctly.
2017-04-06 017.011 Bug fix in Classify / By centerline using vectors from a given level.

Bug fix in Vectorize Buildings.
2017-03-27 017.010 Bug fix in Cut overlap tool.
2017-03-25 017.009 Bug fix in Classify groups / By best match macro action.
2017-03-22 017.008 Import scanner positions menu command in Manage Trajectories for importing tripod mounted scanner positions from a space delimited text file with format:
number easting northing elevation

Fix in Project into sections menu command.

None class selection added to Travel View. Mouse click determines viewer elevation.

Open inside fence works faster.
2016-03-13 017.007 Thin points runs faster on very high density data sets.

Fix in linking trajectories to LAS 1.4 files with separate wdp files.
2017-03-07 017.006 Faster export of Road intensity raster images.

Bug fix in Cut turnarounds. Bug could result in a crash.

Bug fix in Classify / Closeby points. Bug could cause a crash when run as a macro step.
2017-02-27 017.005 Compute normal vectors has an option for specifying towards what direction normal vectors should be turned. Choices are trajectory, center point and upwards.

Classify / Groups / By centerline classification tool.
2017-02-10 017.004 Support for Color+intensity coloring mode in rendering.
2017-02-02 017.003 Wait for completion setting added to Execute command macro action. When this setting is on, TerraScan will wait until launched command has completed before running next macro step.

Fix in displaying points when view has Clip front and Clip back settings off.

Support for using Riegl Pulse width and Amplitude point attributes. Fast Binary, LAS 1.2, LAS 1.4, LAZ 1.2, LAZ 1.3 and LAZ 1.4 formats can store pulse width as Echo length and amplitude as Parameter.
2017-01-13 016.034 Improvements in Assign groups.
2016-12-19 016.033 Create Tree Cells tool for creating tree cells from grouped and classified tree hits.

Modify Tree Cells tool for checking tree cells and modifying tree information.

Output Tree Cells tool for writing out tree cell information.
2016-11-30 016.032 Draw polygons supports creating polygons for each group.

Draw polygons as macro action.

Ability to run on PowerDraft Connect Edition.
2016-11-17 016.031 Support for LAS 1.4 waveform data.
2016-11-18 016.030 Fix in LAS 1.3 support. Fix affects waveform use as well.
2016-11-09 016.029 Fix in importing points from a fast binary file into a project. Bug could cause some attributes not to be imported from a fast binary file containing attribute streams.

Fix for dialog settings in macro action Classify / Closeby points.

Support for SBTC/SBIC trajectory format.
2016-10-28 016.028 Quality improvements in automatic building vectorization.
2016-10-27 016.027 Fix in line number handling in Add Synthetic Point.

Undo support in Merge Point Groups and Create Point Group.
2016-10-20 016.026 Bug fix in computing normal vectors. Bug could cause a crash.

Move Forward and Move Backward keyin commands accept a new parameter:
Move Forward stayactive 3
would move view 3 forward and stay active waiting for mouse click to move.
2016-10-17 016.025 Macro actions for classifying groups by best match, by class, by distance and by parameters.
Improvements in Group / Test parameters.
2016-10-07 016.024 Settings tool and Point display category has settings for how non grouped points will be drawn in view windows when coloring by group.

Faster Assign groups.

Improvements in Groups / Classify / By best match.
2016-09-27 016.023 Faster snapping to points.

Improvements in Assign groups.

Groups / Classify / By class menu command for classifying groups by class.

Bug fix in Travel Path. Bug could cause a crash.

Faster Draw Vertical Section with big point count.

Median Z option in thinning.

Groups / Classify / By distance menu command for classifying groups by distance.

Groups / Classify / By best match menu command for classifying groups to best matching target class.

Support for OSTN15.

Distance field added to user defined point file formats.
2016-08-28 016.022 Compute distance menu command and macro action for computing distance values for points.

Classify / By distance menu command and macro action for classifying points based on distance values stored.

Classify / Surface points menu command and macro action for classifying points matching a local smooth surface.

Improved grouping of points in Assign groups.

Group+intensity display mode.
2016-07-27 016.021 Improved display speed when placing or manipulating vectors on top of laser data.

Thin points has two new methods: Grid 2d and Grid 3d. This perform thinning looking at a group of points inside one grid cell.

Inside fence setting accepts multiple selected polygons. Note that this does not apply to TerraSlave.
2016-07-13 016.020 Bug fix in reading/writing echo numbers into LAZ files.

Bug fix in Draw into profile menu command.
2016-07-12 016.019 Improvement in Find Wires.
2016-06-27 016.018 Fix in Export lattice model macro action when outputting Distance to point lattice.

Support for reading in point record types 9 and 10 from LAS 1.4 files.
2016-06-20 016.017 Split at gaps menu command in Manage Trajectories can now use loaded points. Previously this tool always required an active project of points.

Fit to view option in elevation coloring. This improves the visualization when zoomed in.
2016-06-13 016.016 New coloring mode Normal+intensity added.

Bug fix in importing user defined text file formats into a project.
2016-06-10 016.015 Read reference points menu command for reading points to use as reference points.

Fit to reference menu command for fitting a point cloud to match reference points.
2016-05-13 016.013 Fix in applying projection change transformation between two South African zones or between two Japanese zones.

Faster shaded surface display.
2016-05-11 016.012 Fix in reading LAS 1.4 files. Version 016.011 did not recognize LAS 1.4 files.
2016-05-10 016.011 Bug fix in saving LAS 1.0 - 1.2 files. Bug caused all scan direction flags to become negative.
2016-05-09 016.010 Fix in manual entry of license information into dialog.
2016-04-21 016.009 Operation category in Settings has a new setting: Set AccuSnap off. This will switch AccuSnap off whenever you start TerraScan.

Fix in Synchronize Views. In version 016.008 only Camera option was working.
2016-04-19 016.008 Camera option in Synchronize Views. This creates a camera view which always shows the same area as displayed by a source view.

Bug fix in exporting Road intensity raster images.
2016-04-11 016.007 Multiply by setting added to Fix time macro action. Routine multiplies original time stamps with given value. Example use: convert millisecond time stamps to seconds.

Mouse Point Adjustment can take keyin parameters. For example:
Mouse Point Adjustment AdjZ=1/AdjXy=0/Point=Closest/Class=2/Within=0.5
2016-03-14 016.006 Image number field type added to user point formats.

Remove Details has an option to specify area limit in a text field.
If no fence is active, Split Building tool will now wait for user to enter a line and will split building using that line.

Fix in reading and writing LAS and LAZ files.
2016-03-04 016.005 Fixes in using LAS 1.4 as project storage format.
2016-03-01 016.004 Bug fix in handling macro files larger than 20KB.
2016-02-26 016.003 Set withheld bit option in Delete by class macro action.

Set withheld bit option in Delete by line macro action.
2016-02-17 016.002 Multiple source classes in Place Catenary String.

Utility / Merge small blocks menu command in project window for automatically merging small blocks with neighbouring blocks.

Edit / Merge blocks menu command in project window for merging selected blocks into one.

LAS 1.4 support.
2015-12-18 015.033 Fix in Classify Using Brush and starting undo while classification tool is still active.

Fix in Classify / Below surface routine. Bug could cause the routine to stall if the number of source points was very small.
2015-12-14 015.032 Fix in undoing ground classification inside fence.

Fix in Label Alignment Curvature with 0.1 accuracy labels.

Classify / Inside shapes macro action renamed to Classify / By polygons. Routine can now classify points which are close to planar 3D polygons.

Speed improvements in cutting overlap by offset.
2015-12-10 015.031 Fix in undoing ground classification inside fence.

Fix in Label Alignment Curvature with 0.1 accuracy labels.

Fix in Classify / Railroad class usage.

Fix in Classify / Closeby points and fence usage.

Fix in Classify / Inside shapes and filtering polygons by style.
2015-12-01 015.030 Ability to snap to point cloud points.

Assign Point Class favors points closer to viewer.
2015-11-13 015.028 Closest hit z option added to exporting lattice model. This creates a lattice model where each grid cell has elevation value of closest source point.

Fix in resizing display mode dialog.
2015-11-10 015.027 Fixes.
2015-11-02 015.025 Smoothen points tool can smoothen color values of laser points.
2015-10-26 015.024 Faster output of LAS files when applying a heavy coordinate transformation (such as writing out longitude/latitude).

Fixes and speed improvements.
2015-10-08 015.023 User parameters added to Classify / Walls for specifying minimum wall area and classification tolerance (=offset from planar surface inside which to classify points).

Ability to modify block folders, prefixes or file name extensions of multiple selected blocks using Edit menu command.
2015-09-23 015.022 Fixes, speed improvements and LAZ support.
2015-09-14 015.021 Fixes and speed improvements.
2015-09-10 015.020 Several fixes.
2015-09-09 015.019 Various fixes.
2015-09-03 015.018 Beta release.
2015-05-04 015.008 Built for MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 EAP3.
2015-03-25 015.007 Update to match 32 bit version 015.007.
2015-03-03 015.003 Second beta-version release of TerraScan 64-bit software. License files for version 015 required.
2015-01-27 014.901 First beta-version release of TerraScan 64-bit software.


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