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TerraPhoto – Ortho-rectification of Images and Data Visualization

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>> Overview of functionality in TerraPhoto, TerraPhoto LITE, and TerraPhoto UAV

TerraPhoto is specifically developed for processing images captured together with laser data during a survey mission. The software enables the production of rectified images and ortho mosaics based on ground model that has been extracted from the laser data. The positioning of the source images can be refined by using tie points for image-to-image adjustment while ground control point can be involved for improving the absolute accuracy of the image block. With additional functionality, such as color adjustment options, the creation of selection shapes for several object types or areas (e.g. buildings, water), the inclusion of vector models for true-ortho photo production, TerraPhoto lets you create ortho photos of good positional and color-coordinated quality.

Besides starting a camera calibration from scratch, TerraPhoto is able to convert calibration files from several mobile and airborne systems into its own camera file format. It reads numerous image formats, such as ECW, GeoTIFF, TIF, BMP, CIT, COT, RLE, PIC, PCX, GIF, JPG2000 and PMG.

TerraPhoto offers many tools for visualizing laser and image data together, partly in combination with tools from TerraScan and TerraModeler. This includes the opportunity of draping ortho photos on a ground model or on building roofs, the creation of wall textures from horizontally-looking cameras of mobile or airborne systems, as well as the display of rendered views. With TerraPhoto you can also create fly-through animations from laser and image data in an easy and intuitive way. Finally, the extraction of color values from images or ortho photos to laser points can be performed with TerraPhoto and TerraScan.

TerraPhoto Lite

TerraPhoto Lite is a light version of TerraPhoto, designed for doing the extensive manual work for preparing the production of high-quality ortho photo and for visualization tasks. It replaced the previous TerraPhoto Viewer in 2012 when more functionality was added to the software.

Typical uses for TerraPhoto Lite are the display of raster data as background information e.g. for mapping tasks, rendering of 3D scenes with large image volumes, production of fly-through animations, as well as improving the color balance between images and creating seamlines for TerraPhoto ortho photo production. The functionality of TerraPhoto Lite includes:

  • create and edit mission files
  • import Lynx survey and Pictometry survey data
  • create and modify camera definitions
  • convert camera system calibrations into TerraPhoto camera definitions
  • manage trajectories
  • load and edit image lists, edit image information
  • define color corrections
  • define color points
  • create and edit selection shapes and seamlines
  • draw image footprints, draw projections into the design file
  • create camera views
  • manage raster references
  • create rendered views and fly-through animations
  • fix normals of 3D building models

TerraPhoto UAV

TerraPhoto UAV is a lighter version of TerraPhoto. It is dedicated to users that process only images collected by Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs, also called Drones). UAV systems produce a relatively small amount of images from a low altitude. The UAV version of TerraPhoto is usable for images collected at an maximum altitude of 500 m above ground.

TerraPhoto UAV does not have any capabilites for processing images of mobile ground-based systems.

Missing tools/commands
  • Import Lynx survey
  • Import Pictometry survey
  • Import Mitsubishi cameras
  • Blur selected polygons
  • Transfer images

TerraPhoto UAV is available only in a bundle with other Terrasolid UAV software versions, such as TerraScan UAV, TerraMatch UAV, and/or TerraModeler UAV.


Ortho photos from aerial images


Camera calibration for mobile systems


Ortho photos and tree models in rendered views


Oblique images as wall textures


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