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2020-02-14 020.001 Update for 020 version licenses.
2019-07-04 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2019-02-15 019.001 New version for 019 licenses.
2018-01-29 018.001 New license keys.
2017-02-06 017.001 New license key.
2016-04-04 016.003 Fix in reading JPG files. Bug caused View image to crash.
2016-03-03 016.002 Compatibility for reading camera calibration files from 64 bit version.

Bug fix in search seamlines. Bug could cause a crash.

Fix in Paint Selection tool when view icons are at top or left side of view window.
2016-02-17 016.001 New major version for license keys.
2015-12-26 015.009 Support for capture views into danger point HTML report.
2015-09-18 015.008 Builtin LAZ support. No need to separately install or have laszip.dll.
2015-08-30 015.007 Support LAZ format as project storage format.
2015-05-18 015.005 Set accuracy menu command for setting accuracy estimates of trajectory positions.

Save Rendered View can write TIFF+GeoTag file format. The captured image will contain longitude and latitude of camera location (perspective) or view center point (orthographic). You can then use software such as GeoSetter to package saved views for Google Earth.
2015-05-05 015.004 Fixes in extracting color from images.
2015-02-13 015.003 Rectify / Rectify wall rasters has first support for mobile images.
2015-02-01 015.001 First support for mobile panoramic images.
2014-11-10 014.015 Bug fix in automatic color point search in point cloud model on project.
2014-11-05 014.014 Fixes in extracting color for TerraScan laser points.
2014-10-23 014.012 Fix in camera view display.
2014-10-22 014.011 Faster JPEG reading.
2014-10-15 014.010 Deduce line numbers menu command for assigning line numbers to images.
2014-10-11 014.009 Modification in Draw footprints menu command when run to draw accurate footprints. Tool will now draw footprints falling outside surface in red (or in blue) if coloring is by active color.
2014-09-27 014.008 Define color points can work on point cloud in addition TIN surface. Point cloud mode makes it possible to collect color points on 3D objects such as building walls.
2014-06-03 014.007 Utility / Convert references in Manage Raster References can perform projection change transformation from one projection system to another.
2014-05-21 014.006 Open color points allows user to select multiple files to read in.

Define Color Points supports bounding polygons limiting the area where to draw the ortho.

Save All button added to Change Texture Image. This will save wall texture rectified from all images into a sub folder. You can use image editing software to merge different parts of the wall from different images and then replace the original wall raster file.

Roof slope setting added to Export City Model. Polygons steeper than given limit will be treated as walls and more horizontal polygons as roofs.
2014-04-02 014.004 Support for POF 1.1 trajectory format.

Support for Topcon trajectory format.

Bug fix in Utility / Rectify images and 16 bit color depth.
2014-03-07 014.003 Export City Model now has settings for controling if roofs and if walls will be written to the output collada files.

You can select text elements for output file naming in addition to building vector models before you start Export City Model. Append selected text to file name setting controls if selected text elements will be added to output file names.
2014-03-05 014.002 Utility / Rectify images can now use color points to adjust brightness and coloring of individual images.
2014-02-14 014.001 Change Texture Image to rectify wall texture from another image.

Improvement in how application selects best image for each wall. New logic works with vertical looking images as well.

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