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TerraPhoto 64-bit Release Notes




2017-04-15 017.005 Support for TIFF files with embedded JPEG compression.
2017-03-14 017.004 Support for raw TIFF files with LZW compression.
2017-02-10 017.003 Ability to specify unit when writing out GeoTIFF in Rectify mosaic or Convert Raster Files.
2017-02-02 017.002 New license.
2016-12-19 016.015 Support for Modify Tree Cells tool in TerraScan.
2016-12-12 016.014 Edit Texture Image tool for opening a texture raster in user selected raster editing software.

Support for panoramic images.
2016-11-30 016.013 Ability to run on PowerDraft Connect Edition.
2016-11-09 016.012 Support for SBTC/SBIC trajectory format.
2016-10-28 016.011 Original projection system identifiers restored. Version 016.010 changed identifiers which caused issues with mission definitions and projection change type coordinate transformations.
2016-09-28 016.010 Support for OSTN15.
2016-09-08 016.009 At one seamline option in searching least cost seamlines.

Faster least cost seamline search.
2016-05-09 016.007 Fix in manual entry of license information into dialog.
2016-04-19 016.006 Support for Camera option in TerraScan tool Synchronize Views.
2016-03-14 016.005 Angle down option in setting targets in Create Flythru Movie tool.

Fix in reading and writing LAS and LAZ files.
2016-03-03 016.004 Bug fix in search seamlines. Bug could cause a crash.

Fix in Paint Selection tool when view icons are at top or left side of view window.
2016-02-26 016.003 Tile for each shape option in Place Tile Array. This creates an orthonormal tile at even pixel boundary for each selected shape.
2016-02-17 016.002 Utility / Blur selected polygons menu command for increasing pixel size of raw images inside selected 3D polygons. Use this to blur images seeing classified areas such as military buildings.

LAS 1.4 support.
2015-12-18 015.017 Fix in rotation of airborne raw image display with Display mode menu command.
2015-12-01 015.016 Fixes in color point collection in point cloud mode.
2015-11-13 015.014 Change Texture Image has Constant color row. This lets you change the wall texture to be constant color in case there is no image which sees the wall properly.

Fix in ECW output.
2015-11-10 015.013 Fixes.
2015-11-02 015.012 Rectify center setting added to Define Camera. This is useful for aiborne oblique cameras and allows you to specify what position within the image is regarded as best possible for orthorectification.
2015-10-26 015.011 Fixes.
2015-10-13 015.010 Bug fixes.
2015-10-08 015.009 First 64 bit beta.


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