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2020-02-14 020.001 Update for 020 version licenses.
2019-07-04 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2019-02-15 019.001 New version for 019 licenses.
2018-01-29 018.001 New license keys.
2017-02-06 017.001 New license key.
2016-06-09 016.002 Read Piles from File tool for reading a text file of piles and drawing those into the design file.
2016-02-17 016.001 New major version for license keys.
2015-12-10 015.004 Fix in Label Elevation tool.
2015-03-02 015.002 Erase display button added to Compute Quantity to remove Display only type display in V8i version.
2015-02-01 015.001 Exclude Triangle display with Paint method fixed in V8i version.

Construct Breakline display fixed in V8i versiom.
2015-01-22 014.004 Display only display mode added to Compute Quantity tool in V8i version. This will display quantity calculation results as vertical lines. Display stays visible as long as Compute Quantity dialog is open.
2014-10-23 014.003 Rendering updated to work with TerraPhoto 014.009 or later.
2014-09-27 014.002 Triangulate Multiple Sources has Inside fence only setting.

User can specify surface name to write into LandXML file in Surfaces and File / Export / Triangle text file menu command.

Keyin command Model Open Surface filename.

Keyin command Model Close Surfaces.

Public function FnModelOpenSurface( char *FileName)

Public function FnModelCloseSurfaces( void)
2014-02-14 014.001 Fit to tile coloring option added to Produce lattice files when writing shaded GeoTIFF. This fits coloring scheme to elevation range of each output tile.

Elevation - Fit to tile coloring option added to Produce triangles. This fits coloring scheme to elevation range of each output tile.

Validate Linear Elements tool for checking selected elements for geometrical flaws.

Fix Touching Elements tool for fixing elements which are almost touching each other.

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