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2020-02-14 020.001 Update for 020 version licenses.
2019-07-04 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2019-02-15 019.001 New version for 019 licenses.
2018-01-29 018.001 New license keys.
2017-02-06 017.001 New license key.
2016-09-07 016.003 Fix in dz per line solution in Find Match.
2016-04-18 016.002 Support for reading in binary tie line files created with 64 bit TerraMatch.
2016-02-17 016.001 New major version for license keys.
2015-09-18 015.015 Builtin LAZ support. No need to separately install or have laszip.dll.
2015-08-30 015.013 Support LAZ format as project storage format.
2015-06-08 015.011 Display mode menu command in tie lines for setting how tie lines should be drawn in different views.
2015-04-23 015.009 Position / Thin by travel distance menu command for removing tie line observations very close to each other measured as travel distance along a trajectory.

Apply Correction runs faster with some data sets.

Faster display of tie lines.
2015-03-26 015.008 Improvements in Filter bad for tie lines.

Fix in airborne heading, roll and pitch solution. - Updated 2015-03-30
2015-03-19 015.007 Fix in Filter bad tool in tie lines.
2015-03-18 015.006 Position / Filter bad menu command in tie lines for automatically removing bad tie line observations. Routine applies a fluctuating correction to tie lines, finds observations with large residual mismatches and removes those.
2015-03-16 015.005 Bug fix in wall tie line search. Fixes a memory leak which resulted in the software not finding additional tie lines after a couple hundred blocks.
2015-03-13 015.004 Fix in Apply Correction for fluctuating corrections. Bug could cause a crash.
2015-02-13 015.003 Improvement in airborne solutions for heading and pitch.
2015-02-04 015.002 Find Rubbersheet Correction tool deriving a rubbersheet type xyz, xy or z correction based on tie line observation.
2015-02-01 015.001 Apply Correction now interpolates correction values between tie line observations based on traveling distance (insted of time). This produces better correction values close top stops.
2014-08-27 014.007 Bug fix in Find Tie Line Fluctuations for pitch solution.
2014-05-14 014.005 Improvements in Find Tie Line Fluctuations.
2014-04-25 014.004 Bug fix in Find Tie Line Fluctuations. Fix improves smoothing and filling of empty observations .
2014-04-07 014.003 Find Intensity Correction tool for solving a range based intensity correction.
2014-03-18 014.002 File / Reduce to single line... menu command in tie lines. Command modifies tie lines so that each tie line has observations from a single line only. This makes tie lines more suitable for per scanner solutions as trajectory drift is not affecting mismatches.

Find Tie Line Fluctuations gives more control on the correction curve. You specify how fast the correction curve can change. Rate of change at each tie line observation depends on trajectory accuracy estimates.
2014-02-14 014.001 New license key.

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