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2017-04-21 017.008 Fix in applying correction to a LAZ project with color.
2017-04-19 017.007 Ability to search for signal markers on vertical surfaces. Set Placement as Vertical surface in signal marker definition. Compute normal vectors for the point cloud. Use Import points / From text file or Import points / From selected vectors to run the search.
2017-04-08 017.006 Improvement in Object group type tie line search.
2017-04-06 017.005 Fix lines menu command for fixing some lines. Tool converts tie lines to known point tie lines using observations from given lines as known points.

Option to search group object tie lines. Observations come from matching groups from different lines to each other. This makes it possible to use poles as matching objects.
2017-03-22 017.004 Fix in searching known point tie lines at project level. Earlier versions were ignoring required density setting.
2017-03-06 017.003 Bug fix in applying corrections created with Find Intensity Correction.
2017-02-02 017.001 New license.
2016-12-13 016.015 Fixes in Find Rubbersheet Fit tool.
2016-11-30 016.014 Ability to run on PowerDraft Connect Edition.
2016-10-24 016.012 Bug fix in applying range based intensity correction as TerraScan macro step on a project. Bug could cause a crash.
2016-08-28 016.011 minor user interface updates
2016-06-20 016.010 Find Range Correction can now solve a range correction per scanner.
2016-05-13 016.008 Tie line report now includes statistics for each trajectory group.
2016-05-09 016.007 Option to delete tie line observations by trajectory group in Delete / By criteria.

Fix in manual entry of license information into dialog.
2016-04-21 016.006 Faster signal marker search in tie lines.
2016-04-18 016.005 Fix in mobile solution in Find Tie Line Match. Bug could result in the solution process never completing.

Fix in Find Match. Fix applies to a dZ only solution.
2016-04-11 016.004 Display circle option in adding an Xy point type tie line.
2016-03-14 016.003 Fix in reading and writing LAS and LAZ files.
2016-03-04 016.002 Support for LAS 1.4 format.
2015-11-13 015.022 Fix in user preference file creation.
2015-11-10 015.021 Fixes.
2015-11-02 015.019 Fixes.
2015-10-08 015.018 Fixes and speed improvements.
2015-09-23 015.017 Fixes, speed improvements and LAZ support.
2015-09-14 015.016 Fixes.
2015-09-10 015.015 Several fixes.
2015-09-09 015.014 Various fixes.
2015-09-03 015.013 Beta release.


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