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Network Licenses and Version Release

The major version number of Terrasolid software has changed from 016 to 017 in February 2017. In order to use the new versions you need new licenses. The licenses can be either Windows network licenses or node-locked licenses.

The new network licenses must be saved in /terra/pool017 folder on the server, where the License Server software is running. Users can check out licenses for selected applications and for a certain period of time using the License Manager software on their workstation or laptop. They get temporary license files in /terra/license folder on the workstation or laptop. These license files are deleted automatically when the check-out time period has ended and the licenses are returned to the server. Network licenses are flexibile compared to node-locked licenses. Terrasolid network license system runs only in Windows local area networks (LAN). It can be extented to remote locations through Internet with VPN or WAN.

To take network licenses in use:

  1. Select a network PC as server for Terrasolid network licenses. There are two options for installing the License Server: as application or as service. When License Service in installed, the License Server application is automatically installed as well and can be used for administrative tasks.

    License Server License Service
    runs as stand-alone application runs as service "TerraLicenseService016", management in Windows Services dialog
    needs to be started manually after reboot starts automatically after reboot
    provides a GUI with menu commands for adjusting server settings and license registration no GUI
  2. Download License Server from our Downloads page. The software is available in English language only and uses Microsoft Windows as a 'platform'. The installation package contains the License Server, the License Service, and the License Manager. Older License Server or Manager versions do not fit for version licenses.

  3. Read the Users Guide, if you install the software for the first time. The Users Guide is bundled with the License Server download package or can be downloaded from the link on top of this page.

  4. Install the License Server/Service on your Terrasolid server machine and the License Manager software on the client PCs (workstations, laptops). Setup License Server and Manager as described in the Users Guide.

  5. The rights for users must be set to be at least READ and WRITE for folder /terra/license on the client PCs. Otherwise users are not able to check out licenses from the server.

  6. Register the server by selecting File > Server information > Open Web in the License Server window. This opens Terrasolid's registration form for network licenses. Fill in all required fields and send the form to Terrasolid.

  7. After the registration, Terrasolid sends license files to your contact person within some days. Copy the license files to /terra/pool017 folder on your Terrasolid server and restart the License Server application.
    If you are running the License Service, pause the service in the Windows Services dialog, copy the license files to /terra/pool017 folder, and resume the service in the Windows Service dialog.

  8. Test the connection between the License Server and the License Manager on the client PCs. In License Manager, select View > Server State. The following window must show available licenses on the server.

  9. Test license check-out and return from the client PCs.

  10. Install the Terrasolid applications (TerraScan, TerraMatch, etc.) of version 017 on the client PCs. Please note, that Terrasolid applications and the License Manager must be installed to the same directory, e.g. c:/terra or c:/terra64.

If the server and client PCs are in different IP networks, the Domain Trust must be valid.

If you encounter problems, please check the License Server/Service and Manager setup with the help of the Users Guide, FAQ, and animations linked above.

For any further information, please contact Terrasolid.

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