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TerraScan has a number of tools which are dedicated to powerline processing. These include classification, vectorization, and reporting tools.

Tools for powerline processing are divided into three parts:

Vectorize Wires toolbox - tools for automatic detection and manual placement of wires, check and correction of wire attachments as well as assigning wire attributes.

Vectorize Towers toolbox - tools for manual placement of tower models, manipulation of towers, cross arms, and attachments.

View Powerline toolbox - tools for labeling towers, finding danger objects, and creating reports.


A general strategy for processing powerline data can be outlined as follows. The final workflow depends on the project requirements.

1.Classify the point cloud in a way that points on powerline structures (towers, wires) stand out. This may involve classification of points

on the ground using the Ground routine

above the ground using the By distance routine

relative to the centerline of the powerline using the By centerline routine

with echo type “first of many” using the By echo routine

2.Create a tower string using the Place Tower String tool or the Draw as line strings command.

3.Detect wires automatically using the Detect Wires tool.

4.Manually place wires using the Place Catenary String tool in places where the automatic detection does not work.

5.Validate and adjust catenary attachment points using the Check Catenary Attachments tool.

6.Assign wire attributes using the Assign Wire Attributes tool.

7.Define tower models in the Powerlines / Tower types category of TerraScan Settings.

8.Manually place towers using the Place Tower tool.

9.Create labels with the help of labeling tools in the View Powerline toolbox.

10.Detect and analyze danger objects close to the powerline using the Find Danger Objects tool or the Wire danger points macro action.

11.Create output reports with tools in the View Powerline toolbox.