TerraScan Toolbox

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TerraScan Toolbox

TerraScan Toolbox

The TerraScan toolbox is opened when TerraScan is loaded and if the Open Main tool box option in the Operation category in TerraScan Settings is switched on.


The toolbox can be re-sized by dragging its lower right corner with the mouse pointer (MicroStation only). It can be docked to the edges of the CAD platform user interface.

There are 16 toolbars included in the TerraScan toolbox. A toolbar can be displayed by keeping the data mouse button pressed for 1-2 seconds on a tool icon in the TerraScan toolbox. The toolbar pops up and any tool can be selected with a data click. A toolbar can also be extracted from the toolbox by selecting Open as ToolBox (MicroStation) or As Toolbar (Spatix) command from the toolbar pop-up or by selecting the toolbar name from the Toolboxes submenu in the Tools pulldown menu.

If the TerraScan toolbox is accidentally closed, it can be re-opened with the Main tool box command from the Toolboxes submenu in the Tools pulldown menu or with the key-in command:

scan app main