Event Information

Terrasolid Training Event in New Zealand 2017

Date: Monday, November 20th to Friday, November 24th, 2017

Location: Wellington Airport’s Conference Centre

Wellington International Airport
Level 2, Main Terminal
Wellington 6241
New Zealand

We invite everyone interested in Terrasolid software products to attend our training event in Australia. It takes place from November 20th to 24th in Wellington. The event location is the Wellington Airport’s Conference Centre.

The training is partly hands-on training and the attendees should have their computers (preferably laptops) with them. Required/recommended system configuration:

Terrasolid will provide the installation files and licenses for Terrasolid applications. If necessary, Terrasolid can also provide MicroStation/PowerDraft installation files but we do not distribute licenses for Bentley products.

The training is free of charge.

Terrasolid does not reserve hotel rooms for training attendees.

Training Agenda

The training is scheduled on each training day from 9 am to 5 pm. There is a lunch break from 12 noon to 1 pm and two shorter coffee/tea breaks.

The training on Monday to Wednesday is planned as hand-on training. Workflow steps are done step-by-step and only occassionally, prepared files will be used. Participants may decide if they want to do the training steps on their own laptops or just follow the training without doing the steps themselves. On Thursday and Friday, the capabilities of Terrasolid software for processing point clouds in different application fields and workflow outlines are illustrated in demos. Major workflow steps are shown in the software but prepared files will be used and automatic processes will be skipped in order to save time.

The background color of a training topic indicates the recommended level of experience for following the hands-on training. However, everyone is welcome to passively attend the training independently of the experience with the software.

Please download a more extensive training description here.

Day Training Topic
Basic Training for TerraScan
Basic concepts of processing any kind of point clouds (airborne, mobile, photogrammetric) with TerraScan.
Basic Training for UAV point clouds
Workflow of processing UAV point clouds with TerraScan and TerraMatch.
Basic Training for TerraPhoto
Basic concepts of processing aerial imagery with TerraPhoto.
Creation of 3D city models from ALS point clouds and images
Processing ALS point clouds for powerline maintenance and mapping
Demos: Processing Data of Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) with TerraScan, TerraMatch, TerraPhoto

subject to change

all experience levels
hand-on training for no/basic experience level


Seats are limited in the training room - reserve your seat as soon as possible.

The registration deadline was November, 6th.

For questions please contact Terrasolid.

Please also note our training event in Brisbane/Australia, 13th to 17th of November.

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