Event Information

Terrasolid Training Event in India

Date: May, 8th - 12th, 2017

Location: Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre

Hitec City, Hyderabad

We invite all Terrasolid users to attend our training event in India.

The training is partly hands-on training and partly presentation only. You can also attend the courses without actively following the training steps, just listening and watching. For the hands-on training, attendees should have their computers (preferably laptops) with them. The laptops must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

Terrasolid will provide the installation files and temporary training licenses for Terrasolid applications. If necessary, Terrasolid can also provide PowerDraft installation files but we do not distribute licenses for Bentley products. You may use MicroStation or PowerDraft as a 7-day evaluation version in the training week, if it has never been installed before on your laptop.

Training Fee

60 Euro / person / day. The fee includes the training, any training material, lunch, and refreshments during the coffee breaks. The fee will be calculated based on the registration. If you can not attend the event as registered, please cancel your registration in advance, latest by May, 2nd, 2017.

Training Agenda

The training is scheduled on each training day from 8:30 am to about 4:30 pm. The first 30 minutes of each training day are reserved for installing Terrasolid software and copying training data sets. There might be time for individual questions about other software-related issues after the training course each day.

The training is suited for Terrasolid software users at basic to advanced levels of experience. The background color in the course description below indicates the recommended experience level for following the hands-on training:

beginners/low experience level
medium/advanced experience level

Day Course
Monday, 8.5.

Airborne Point Cloud Processing 1/2 - Basics and Ground Extraction

An ALS point cloud will be used in the training but the general workflow applies to photogrammetric point clouds as well.

  • Introduction into MicroStation/PowerDraft CONNECT Edition and Terrasolid software modules (TerraScan, TerraModeler)
  • Basic workflow of processing point clouds including project setup, analyzing the positioning of the data, automatic and manual classification methods for extracting the ground

Short demo: Processing point clouds of terrestrial scanners

Tuesday, 9.5.

Airborne Point Cloud Processing 2/2 - Creation of a 3D City Model

According to the majority of registrations, the training will cover the following topics:

  • Above-ground object classification and building vectorization
  • Mapping trees, export of tree text files for populating a database
  • Creation of a rendered 3D city model (demo or hands-on training)
Wednesday, 10.5.

Matching of Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) Point Clouds

An MLS point cloud of a road will be used in the training but the general workflow for matching MLS point clouds is the same for all application fields.

  • Analyzing the accuracy in a mobile point cloud
  • Collecting tie lines for absolute and internal matching
  • Improving the positional accuracy of the point cloud
  • Classifying the road surface
Thursday, 11.5.

MLS Road End Products

  • Producing an intensity ortho
  • Vectorizing paint lines on a road from mobile laser data
  • Labeling road side slopes and longitudinal slopes
  • Labeling road curvature
  • Viewing road water flow issues
  • Computing cross section parameters for analyzing condition of road surface
  • Other end products
Friday, 12.5.

Classification Using Groups, Terrestrial Point Clouds

  • New workflow for classifying above ground features based on grouping
  • Automatic classification routines for groups, manual tools for manipulating groups
  • Processing point clouds of terrestrial scanners

Terrasolid reserves the right to change the training content without prior notice


The seats in the training courses are limited. Therefore, we recommend early registration in order to reserve your seat.

The registration deadline was May, 5th, 2017.

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