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Save the date!

The next Terrasolid Training Event will take place

21st to 23rd of April 2020

Munich, Germany

Why attend the event?

* Participate in high-level hands-on training for all experience levels: starters, advanced users, experts.

* Stay up-to-date with the newest development and features of Terrasolid software.

* Get in touch with Terrasolid software developers, support agents and marketing personnel, and discuss about your ideas, practical experiences, suggestions, issues, etc.

* Meet other Terrasolid users and exchange knowledge.


The training is hands-on training and the attendees should have their computers (preferably laptops) with them.

  • 64-bit Windows OS (Win 7 or higher) is required
  • some training sessions require about 10 GB of disc space
  • at least 8 GB of RAM is required, 16 GB or more is recommended
  • installation of MicroStation or PowerDraft CONNECT Edition in advance is strongly recommended (see compatible versions of Bentley products on the Products page)
  • participants must have permission to install software on the laptop

Terrasolid will provide the installation files and licenses for Terrasolid applications. If necessary, Terrasolid can also provide MicroStation/PowerDraft installation files but we do not distribute licenses for Bentley products.

The training fee is 200 € / day / attendee (0% VAT). It includes the training, refreshments during coffee breaks and lunch. The full day fee is applicable also if only a half-day session is attended. The invoice will be sent to registered persons after the final registration deadline, about one week before the event starts. We will send one invoice per company. Payment options will include bank transfer and credit card.

The training language is English.

Training Agenda and Schedule

The daily training schedule is the same for all sessions:

  • Morning: 8:30 - 11:30 (including a 15 min coffee break)
  • Afternoon: 12:30 - 16:00 (including a 15 min coffee break)


Training schedule is coming soon.

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